Tiffin Service : Menu & Pricing

Keeping in mind the varied tastes of our customers TiffinBoss (your preferred ‘Dabbawala’) has included some of the finest dishes on the menu. For any customizations, you can call us in advance. The menu has been curated by the finest cooking experts who follow all hygiene protocols at all times. Home Made Tiffin meals here are power packed with nutrients and vitamins. On this page, we will give you the Tiffin Service: Menu & Pricing for the Homemade Food in stackable containers (Also called the ‘Dabba Service’).

Since a majority of our customers stay in PGs, we have come up with Tiffin Service in PGs.

Affordable Monthly Tiffin Subscription Plans:

All meals served at TiffinBoss are strictly Pure Vegetarian meals. We provide Pure Veg Tiffin Services to our customers on a monthly basis. We have Subscription Plans for our customers to choose from in accordance with their dietary needs.

Daily Regular Meal

4 Roti, Rice, Dal, Seasonal Vegetable, Salad & Pickle


Monthly Pack: 3500/-
Frequency: Lunch and Dinner (all days of a calendar month)

Monthly Pack: 1800/-
Frequency: Only Lunch / Dinner (all days of a calendar month)

(Choose from our Lunch Box Delivery Service or the Dinner Online Delivery Service.)

Single Meal Pack
70/- per meal

(Choose from our Lunch Box Delivery Service or the Dinner Online Delivery Service.)

Since we are open until 1 AM, you can choose the Late Night Food Delivery Service. No matter what time it is, you will never go hungry with TiffinBoss by your side.

The Variety In The Menu At TIFFINBOSS

Apart from this, you can give your tastebud, the treat they deserve with some of our ‘Specials’ from TiffinBoss. Read on for all such ‘Specials’ that are finger-licking good!

1.         The flavor of Basmati: At TiffinBoss we make use of the finest variety of basmati rice. You could savor our Biryanis, Pulao, and fried rice. Experience the warmth of the rice in your tiffin boxes.

2.         Flatbreads or Roti: If you like the freshness of the wholesome wheat then you can add the Rotis, Parathas, Naans, stuffed Naans, and other Indian breads to your Tiffin Box.

 3.        The curries and Dals: Rich in fiber these Lentil-based dishes such as Dal, Rajma, and Chana Masala, and vegetables and curries like Aloo gobi, Baingan ka Bharta, and Paneer Makhani are a favorite of many customers.

4.         Go Light with Snacks: For the customers who want to take it a little easy on their stomachs, we have the Samosas, Idlis, Vadas, dosas, Upma, Kachoris, and Pakoras. You could also choose to use them as add-ons to your complete meal.

5.         Extra punch with Salad, Raita, and Pickle: We offer Salad, Raita, and Pickle with a hint of the freshness of the lime if you prefer. These extras could be quite refreshing!

 6. After-Meal Desserts: If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to add desserts like Kaju Katli, Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, or Kheer as a sweet ending to your yummy meal.

Customize Your Meals

Whatever your preference might be, we here at TiffinBoss provide all kinds of tiffin services. Simply be sure to mention your choice and other instructions you might like to add. It all shall be done and you can expect some piping-hot food to be delivered right to your doorstep. You can search for ‘Tiffin Service near me’ on the internet and enjoy some delectable food with TiffinBoss!

Tiffin Family Services

If you want the tiffin service meals for the entire family, then we have the tiffin family services. Just like at some of the eating joints where you would have the option of ordering family-sized meals, TiffinBoss has some jumbo servings in Home Style Cooked fashion that take care of the entire family.

At TiffinBoss we want to make sure that the entire family is eating nutritious and wholesome food. You could order breakfast, lunch, or dinner for the entire family here with us. There are times when families don’t have the time or resources to cook meals daily or visit restaurants. This eliminates the need for grocery shopping which can be pretty time-consuming.